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As a group of SCGP, SCGP has also provided packaging solutions and other services to response to customers’ diversified needs including flexible packaging, rigid plastic packaging, corrugated containers, retail display packaging as well as foodservice products. SCGP has diverse innovations in designing and developing packaging and services to cover the needs of its customers throughout the supply chain and support the customer growth.


The shape of this type of packaging is more rigid, enabling stable up-right shelf presentation for good visibility and also for easy handling and gripping by consumers. With its stable shape, it is easily collected for recycling. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of rigid packaging products which are typically molded or formed, using high-quality resins. Our rigid packaging is versatile: we can closely collaborate with our customers to customize our rigid packaging products to take the shapes and forms suitable for multiple purposes in everyday use. We offer a wide array of packaging solutions such as bottles with reseal-able caps, squeezable tubes and containers with special dispensing heads such as conventional sprays, air-less mist spray, pumps and roll-ons. Our rigid packaging products can be used for packaging detergent, lubricants, food products such as syrup, jam and peanut butter, cosmetics, consumer care products such as body lotion and shampoo and pharmaceutical products such as sanitizers and balms. According to Frost & Sullivan, a rising demand for rigid packaging is expected for fresh food and bottled beverages, particularly ready-to-drink coffee and other energy drinks. With our rigid packaging offering, we believe we are well-positioned to capture this growth opportunity.

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Our flexible packaging products covers packaging that its shape can be changed according to the content inside. It is collapsed flat during storage and transportation, then opened for filling the goods before sealing closed. Sometimes it can also be made from paper, but mostly it is made from flexible plastic film. With its lightest weight (compared to other packaging category for the same content inside), it is considered the most efficient packaging and hence its popularity. Our flexible packaging products can be used for packaging food products such as rice, coffee powder and coffee beans, frozen seafood, and dried fruits; consumer care products such as baby diapers, liquid soap and laundry detergent; and chemicals and other industrial products. Smartly packaged food products that can be conveniently handled meet the need of evolving life styles and changing food consumption habits. The growing middle class population prefer healthy food options that can be bought on-the-go in ready-to-eat packaging which are offered by our flexible packaging products. Flexible plastic packaging allows for longer shelf-life and lighter weight packaging. It is considered to have better characteristics compared to other substrates used in packaging such as aluminum and other metals, such as providing protection during transportation, having a high product-to-package weight ratio, consuming less shelf space, having a better carbon greenhouse gas footprint, and requiring less water in its manufacturing process. Innovative and smartly designed packaging enhances user experiences, builds consumers-brands connectivity and demonstrates that a brand carefully thought about its products.

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Tin Thanh Packing Joint Stock Company (BATICO) www.batico.com


For effective domestic and international transportation of the products, we could offer you the corrugated cartons which are manufactured with great concern for environment. Our cartons are environmentally-friendly and recyclable, yet come with varied choices of flutes, from thin to thick, in order to be customizably fit with any type, size and shape of the product inside. You can be ensured that our carton could bring your product safely to any destination. Moreover, we can also provide you a variety of packaging printing solutions that could amazingly fit with your requirement on image quality, production quantity and the position of your product in the market.

Additionally, thanks to our advanced research and technology, we could be able to provide you with the even greener solution; a packaging that consumes less paper in production yet offers the same level of strength compared to the regular one with more amount of paper pulp used in production.

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Make the product on shelf more eye-catching and increase sales opportunity with clearly stated product information that appears on the uniquely designed label. We could offer you the total label solution from designing to producing to make sure that your product would stand out on shelf. A variety of label supply varied from paper sleeve, sticker, hangtag etc. is available to match with your product. The right type of label, together with high resolution printing and some added special printing effects, could effectively portray the premium sense of your product and guide the perception of customers towards your product in the way you want. So, let our label solution help shorten the time customers spend on choosing your product over the other competitors.

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“Fest Food Safety Packaging (Fest)” started with our attention to the health and safety of consumers. We therefore developed hygienic and safe food packaging that could directly contact the foods in order to respond to the needs on the use of the packaging that has continuously been expanding both on food and food delivery service business as well as the world today important trend which is aware of the environment.

Fest Food Safety Packaging is committed to developing from market research and consumers’ needs study by taking into account the actions from the high quality raw material selection process, package structure designs and production process with the standard internationally certified, i. e., by GMP-EU standard, BRC, HACCP and FDA from the United States of America to be a new alternative packaging for consumers with a variety of shapes and capacities to meet every use; assurance on the cleanliness and safety by dividing Fest food safety packaging into 3 main categories which are “Fest Choice”, “Fest Bio” and “Fest Chill”.

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